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and conservatives -- liberals and progressives. liberals being more like the tony blair, the bill clinton wing of the democratic party. pro-business, but they do tend to favor economic outcomes, so they want to control economic outcomes. that's their main focus. think of unionized police officers, unionized teachers. progressives are an entirely different beast. these are the people who the typical tree-hugging san francisco liberals, that's progressives. that's who we're talking about. these are the people who are interested in not just economic outcomes, but also social outcomes. so whereas conservatives are interested in talking about drugs and sex, progressives are interested in talking about whether or not you can put salt on your french fries or try a soda. michael bloomberg, great example of a progressive. he's banning cups in new york city. so that's what we're talking about. we're talking about that ideology of the left, the progressive ideology. so what are some myths that are commonly held by today's progressives? we, we've got about five myths, but we tend to focus on the first two
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1